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Amy Lacey is a singer, actress and dancer who has been performing for the last fifteen years in the greater Houston area, greater Cincinnati area, and now sunny Central Florida.

Amy grew up on classic country and bluegrass music, and she recently got to go back to her southern roots as Alice Murphy in Bright Star, a performance that was praised by audiences and critics. Other favorite credits include Newsies (Katherine), Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins), The world premiere of McBride's Call (Julia), and Working: A Musical, where she played Kate (The Housewife) and was the production dramaturg. 

In her free time, she loves going on adventures around Central Florida and being outdoors! You can also find her being a gluten-free foodie, rewatching the Star Wars films, listening to indie + folk music, or reading a bible study!


Amy views theatre as a platform to evoke radical empathy and catharsis in audiences of all ages. She believes in using inspiring stories as a way to awaken imaginations, change hearts, and stir excitement and hope for the endless possibilities of life. These shared experiences are what brings us together.


Amy aims to bring fierce compassion, curiosity, a driven work ethic and a lighthearted sense of humor to every rehearsal space. She finds joy in approaching her music and character work with ingenuity, depth, and a meticulous attention to detail. She is always itching to take on a new artistic challenge, and seeks out any opportunity to learn and grow as a human and performer.

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